Annual Christmas Cookies from Scratch

About a week ago I made some delicious iced butter cookies. I do this every year as part of a holiday tradition. It started when I was little and used to visit my grandparents every Christmas, they always made these cookies and everyone participated in the decorating of the cookies. Well, my grandpa has since passed and my grandma doesn’t cook much anymore, so I have picked up the tradition.

Though I love chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, these are by far my favorite cookies. They taste great, are fun to decorate, and bring back memories of past Christmases.

I can’t share the recipe for the cookies with you, but I’m sure there are lots of butter cookie or sugar cookie recipes available online that you could use. I would go with a less sweet recipe like butter cookies because the icing is pretty sweet.

Just a fyi for those of you that like to eat cookie dough: the cookie dough still tastes really good even without a lot of sugar. ‘Tis yummy!

My favorite part (other than eating leftover cookie dough) is decorating. I don’t get too detailed or pretty with my decorating. It’s pretty hard to do really nice stuff when all I decorate with is a spoon and toothpick.

The icing I use is just powdered sugar mixed with water and food coloring for different colors.

This is as creative as I get when it comes to cooking. Everything else I do in the kitchen isn’t nearly as cute or pretty, but I make sure everything I cook tastes good 🙂

I had to use my mom’s cookie cutters since mine are packed away and she had this one gingerbread man that I was excited to use. However, when it actually cuts out the cookie, the cookies end up looking like stick men. Since they were too little to decorate and put faces on, I kept it simple. I even made one a ninja (see below) since his legs were all crooked and it looked like he was kind of kicking.

I love the ninja! He may appear in some random places in the house soon. For obvious fun reasons, he will be the last cookie to be eaten.

Enjoy the holiday cheer and I hope I inspired some of you to make some fun cookies! Good luck on your endeavors!

Feel free to leave some great recipes, your family traditions, pictures, links, etc in the comments.


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One Response to Annual Christmas Cookies from Scratch

  1. Green Girl says:

    Your cookies look so pretty.

    May you and your loved ones be blessed with the essence of Christmas — Love, peace, joy and hope — all your lives through. Have a most wonderful Christmas

    Merry Christmas

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