New Year means New Experiences!

Long time, no blog. I know I’ve been MIA. There was a bit of vacationing going on and this past week I was sick. But I am back now!

I hope everyone had a great New Year’s! I spent mine with my sister (not really related, but so close we’re family) and we had an absolute blast!! I got to wear my lovely dress that I bought way back in summer along with a beautiful chunky necklace that I also bought last summer, neither of which I have ever gotten to wear. Unfortunately, we were enjoying the night so much we forgot to take pictures, so I have no pictures of us dressed up 😦

A few new things in my life:

1)  I did manage to score a job this January. I have a guaranteed position at a tax firm for the next 3 months. After that, my life is back to up in the air. Anyone want to hire me?

I’m a great worker, I learn fast ( I did teach myself to crochet in just a few hours), I multitask (yes, I can talk on the phone and listen to music while I work and still hand in great results), and well, I’m just awesome (definitely not lacking confidence, huh?).

2)  I’ll be upgrading to a smart phone (finally!) in a few weeks and get to experience what life is like for all of those space phone users.

3)  Just recently, I got to reconnect with one of my best friends from high school. Her phone number changed a lot, so it was hard to keep up with and we eventually lost touch. I constantly looked for her on Facebook and MySpace, and just a few days ago we found each other on Facebook. I’m so excited and I can’t wait to go see her sometime in the next few months!

4)  A new boyfriend. Okay, so I don’t have one yet, but I’m open to one. The last one broke my heart and it sucked. On the plus side, ignoring my feelings and staying busy because of the breakup was the whole reason I learned to crochet (yay for that. Just wish it didn’t have to happen that way for me to learn an awesome craft).

5)  I foresee a new computer in my future too. Or at least, getting mine fixed so I can stay connected to the internet for more than 2 minutes.

6)  A new and real job in one of three places in Texas that I have been looking at. I will also accept owning my own business in place of “a new and real job”.  Any business ideas? I’m down for most things that don’t require me to have a lot of programming knowledge because all I know is basic html.

7)  The final new experience that I will get to experience this year won’t happen for quite a few months, but I am so excited for when it does. Unfortunately, due to a promise I made someone, I cannot reveal what this exciting secret is until a few months from now.

So that concludes the NEW things in my life right now. I hope to add more to my list as the year goes on, but I will settle for numbers 6 and 7.

Now that I’m back, there will be more up to date posts and I promise they won’t be as long and picture-less as this one has been.



About brookeypoo

29 year old Accounting post-graduate with the need to start another business. I'm just not sure what that business is yet. Any suggestions?
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