Dreams Do Come True…with hardwork

It’s been a long while since I last blogged, but with my good friend documenting her move from Texas to Colorado, I figured it’s time for an update.

A few years ago I claimed I was an underemployed Accountant and had goals of starting my own business and finding happiness my own way. I’ve since moved from the great state of Texas to Arkansas, my birth place….though I will always love and claim to be a Texan! I moved to Arkansas for the craft beer industry. Specifically, to start a brewery.

The craft beer phenomenon has only reached Arkansas in the past couple of1 years. There’s less than 20 breweries in Arkansas. There was about half of that 2 years ago. The opportunity is ripe for the taking!

Some friends contacted me with the opportunity trying to get me to “move home to Arkansas”. A start-up company is my weakness. So, I said yes. Packed my bags, found an Accounting job in Arkansas, and began preparation for a business to call my own.

I’ve got to give credit to anyone who has ever started their own company! It’s A LOT of work!

Finding the perfect location. Saving money. Finding funding. Getting businesses set up with the city, state, and federally. Talking to everyone that contacts you. Giving interviews. Popularizing your company on social media. Setting up bank accounts, utility accounts, supplier accounts, and any other random accounts. Fixing up your location. Finding staff. Forming action plans for sales, distribution, marketing, financing, product creation…..just to name a bit of what has been happening.

Between working as a full-time Accountant, taking a college class (I’ve got 2 degrees…but Arkansas says “Nyet! That is not enough! You must take another class to sit for the CPA exam in this state”), and starting up this company, life has been crazy. I hate it, but I love it all at the same time!

Life goal: Own my own company — Almost checked off



Next life goal: Find a cute guy to date!

He’ll do ————->


About brookeypoo

29 year old Accounting post-graduate with the need to start another business. I'm just not sure what that business is yet. Any suggestions?
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