The Adventure

Starting a business is no joke. It takes serious time, dedication, effort, and money. You’ll find you will significantly underestimate all of the above. The only one I knew for sure was time. I knew walking into a Business Venture would require all of my free time. You see, I work full-time as it is and maintain a (mostly) happy puppy. Every additional second for the past 3 years has been spent focusing on building and operating my own company.

Everything started out great. We had plans set in place, a budget, an idea of what needed to be done and who would do it, and how long it would take. Unfortunately, working with an old city’s zoning and property ordinances threw a wrench into things.

brick building

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At first, we found the perfect location with a great aesthetic. It wasn’t zoned properly and the churches in the area didn’t want us there. We were trying to open a brewery.

While the city wouldn’t pass us on the location, we did help to change and establish additional brewery zoning, so breweries wouldn’t be limited to just industrial zoned areas. Because of us, a brewery could open shop in most places in the city. We, however, had no location and began a new search.

Spring forward a few months later, and we had a place on the other side of the city. A growing community that in 5 years or so will be a great area for activities and shopping. For now, we are one of a few businesses in the area.

We obtained the building, spent a year renovating it (most of it done by us personally….which we found isn’t allowed….because why should a business owner be allowed to save any money?), spent double our estimated budget, and made a great friend (later business partner) along the way.

That’s where it all went down hill. One among us decided dictatorship was the way to go and couldn’t/wouldn’t compromise on anything. When told “no”, they proceeded to do what they wanted anyway. Be damned to any consequences!

Thus, ended the dream before we even opened. I had dreamed of an opening where I was proud and invited all of my friends and family to share in the moment. Due to the “dictator”, we had a horribly embarrassing opening and wasted tons of beer due to an inefficient draft system that had been placed in service by the “dictator” a mere 20 hours earlier.

The “dictator” hasn’t gotten any better since the opening.

art carving close up crown

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If anything, the “dictator” has only seized more control and resorted to threatening and lying to get what they want. The ultimate goal? All of the prestige and zero of the work. The “dictator” hopes to hire out for all of the work, so they can just bask in the glory of being “someone” in town.

Thus stands my Adventure. I’m stuck in a loveless business marriage until the time comes that my lawyer allows me to be released.

But no worries. Like any good entrepreneur, I’m ready for my next venture. Needless to say, the next one, I will be going it alone. I’ve got a few ideas and will play around with them for the next few months until I find one that really resonates with me.


In life, there are always choices. One is choosing to be happy. While I don’t currently feel this way, I choose to be this way and am attempting to make it so. To you and all those before you that have the business struggles, persevere and overcome, for it takes true courage to even step off the beaten path and make your own way.



About brookeypoo

29 year old Accounting post-graduate with the need to start another business. I'm just not sure what that business is yet. Any suggestions?
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